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Call Before You Dig
Call Before You Dig

Magellan's 24 Hour Emergency Number: 1-800-720-2417 

Damage Prevention Toolbox 

A leading cause of pipeline accidents results from excavation. If you are a homeowner, farmer, excavator, or developer, we need your help in preventing accidental pipeline ruptures.


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The Plan is Simple

  1. Call your state's One Call Center at least 48 hours before excavation is scheduled to begin.
  2. Wait the required amount of time, to allow utilities to investigate.
  3. One of our trained technicians will mark the location of the pipeline at no cost to you.
  4. Respect the line markers.
  5. Dig with care.
State One Call Centers
Click “State" to reach State One Call Centers, for states Magellan operates in. 
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Safety Brochures

Below are the brochures Magellan utilizes for communications with landowners, tenants, and excavators. To view the entire brochure as a PDF, please select a link below.

  Congratulations - Your Lucky Day* (PDF, 561 KB)
  English/Spanish 811 Brochure* (PDF, 99 KB)
  Farming and Excavation Awareness* (PDF, 989 KB)
  NH3 Information* (PDF, 207 KB)
  Pipeline Safety Brochure (LMP)* (PDF, 4,514 KB)
  Pipeline Safety Brochure for Affected Public* (PDF, 919 KB)
  Pipeline Safety Brochure for Emergency Officials and Public Officials* (PDF, 639 KB)
  Pipeline Safety Brochure for Excavators* (PDF, 900 KB)
  Pipeline Safety and Emergency Response Guide* (PDF, 1,059 KB)
  Thank You From All of Us* (PDF, 582 KB)
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