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Pipeline Product Specifications
Pipeline Product Specifications
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General Product Specifications    
  Quality Control Contacts  
  Product Acceptance Terms  
  Additive Specifications 
  Seasonal Gasoline Volatility Classes  
  A-Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule  
  A1-Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule 
  A1X-Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule 
  A5-Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule  
  AMS-Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule  
  AR & NR Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule 
  NEP Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule 
  V Grade Seasonal Volatility Schedule 
  V1, V2, V8, V66, V68, VMS, VTX Grades Seasonal Volatility Schedule 


Product Grade Specifications   
  A-Grade Premium Unleaded Gasoline 
  A1-Grade Premium Unleaded Gasoline 
  A1X-Grade Premium Unleaded Gasoline 
  A3-Grade Premium Unleaded Gasoline 
  A5, AMS, MP, Grade Premium 88.5 Sub-Grade Unleaded Gasoline 
  AR-Grade Premuim Gasoline Blendstock 
  AZ6-Grade Arizona Winter CBG 
  D-Grade Premium Diesel Fuel 
  E-Grade Denatured Fuel Ethanol 
  H-Grade Normal Butane 
  I-Grade ISO Butane 
  L-Grade Propane 
  NEP-Grade Regular Unleaded Gasoline 
  NR-Grade Regular Gasoline Blendstock 
  NZ6-Grade Arizona Winter CBG 
  Q-Grade Commercial Jet Fuel 
  V, V8, V66, V68, & VTX Sub-Octane Unleaded Gasoline 
  V1, VMS Grade 81.5 Sub-Octane Unleaded Gasoline 
  V2-Grade 84.0 Octane Unleaded Gasoline 
  W-Grade Natural Gasoline 
  W2-Denaturant Grade Natural Gasoline 
  X, TB, TC, Grade Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel 
  XU-Grade Ultra Low Sulfur #2 Diesel Fuel - Rocky Mountain System 
  Y-Grade No. 1 Diesel Fuel 
  YM–Grade No. 1 Diesel Fuel  
  ZB-Grade Ultra Low Sulfur Biodiesel Fuel Oil 

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