Corporate Governance

Magellan's employees and Board of Directors are dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards and a diligent focus on compliance to preserve a safe, fair environment for our employees, stakeholders, customers and our communities. Our Code of Business Conduct is at the heart of our decision-making and actions. It focuses on core values like respect, honesty, safety, efficiency, compliance and stewardship of company resources. Our employees and Board of Directors are expected to regularly review the Code of Business Conduct and incorporate its values in their day-to-day decisions and conduct.

Douglas May, our General Counsel, serves as Compliance and Ethics Officer with overall responsibility for our compliance and ethics program. We provide regular compliance and ethics training for our officers, directors, managers and supervisors and Code of Business Conduct training to all employees that cover the most frequently encountered issues surrounding compliance and ethics.

We regularly review our program and implement enhancements to assure we are current and compliant with laws and regulations. Each year, we conduct several audits and reviews, focus on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and thoroughly investigate any issue brought forth on our Action Line.

For more information about our compliance efforts, please review the information provided on the Governance section of our website, or contact Douglas May, General Counsel and Compliance and Ethics Officer, at (918) 574-7608. Or, call the Action Line at 1 (888) 475-9501.

Michael Mears
Chairman and CEO,
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