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For information about training available through the National Association of State Fire Marshals, please visit https://nasfm-training.org/

API/AOPL Shoulder to Shoulder Videos

API-AOPL Shoulder to Shoulder Videos

The “Shoulder to Shoulder: Roles in Pipeline Emergency Response” video series features interviews with pipeline and emergency response experts. The series is an engaging way for emergency responders to learn more about how to safely and effectively respond to a pipeline emergency. The videos cover topics such as how pipelines work, how different products impact response, response leading practices, how to better prepare to respond to pipeline incidents and roles in pipeline response. A wide variety of emergency response disciplines are covered including fire, law enforcement, emergency management, 9-1-1 and emergency medical services.

Anhydrous Ammonia Training

anhydrous ammonia training

With Anhydrous Ammonia being a large part of American agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, and transportation industries and incidents occurring in the past across the United States, there is a possibility that at some point a large ammonia incident may occur. TRANSCAER® has created a high-quality training program that will help prevent and or mitigate such an incident for emergency responders in communities where anhydrous ammonia is manufactured, stored, shipped, transported, or used in high volume quantities. All the materials were developed by Transcaer's team of seasoned experts from across various industries.

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