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Releases of oil or hazardous substances that potentially impacted a Water of the United States since May 1, 2017.

A gasoline/diesel release was discovered on May 14, 2018 in a rural agricultural area near Independence, Kansas. Magellan’s 8-inch pipeline was immediately shut down and emergency response procedures were implemented. Product recovery and containment was accomplished with vacuum trucks and earthen berms as defensive measures to minimize the foot print and consequences of the released product.  These defensive measures were successful as only a trace sheen was observed in an unnamed tributary that is a recipient of the agricultural field drainage. The unnamed tributary that the trace sheen was observed feeds Rock Creek but, there was no observations of released product reaching Rock Creek. The calculated total release volume to the agricultural field was determined to be 555 barrels in which only a slight sheen was observed in the unnamed tributary estimated to be less than one gallon.

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