Analytical Services

Magellan Midstream Partners' Analytical Services group, based in Kansas City, Kansas, specializes in providing personalized customer-focused programs. We have extensive experience in the inspection and testing of refined petroleum products since 1938. 

As the marketplace has changed, our testing and research capacities have expanded to include additive evaluations, new fuel formulations and alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. 

Our Services

EPA Oversight Programs

  • Gasoline Volatility
  • Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
  • Oxygenated Fuels
  • Reformulated Gasoline

New Services

Advanced Technologies / Methods

Analytical Services strive to use the latest technologies to assure accurate and on-time results. 
  • We have added new, automated equipment to our existing automated systems, which further increases efficiency and data precision.
  • We partner with vendors to assist in developing new technologies for finished fuels testing.
  • Our mobile data-input technology provides a more efficient testing process and accurate results entry.
  • Our octane engines are automated to reduce variability and bias, producing more accurate and consistent results.

Quality Assurance & Procedure Adherence

Analytical Services' staff performs tests in strict adherence to ASTM and EPA methods. We remain involved in industry organizations and participate in the development and precision analysis of many of the petroleum analytical methods employed in laboratories across the U.S. today.

  • Over 95% of our instruments are automated, which electronically imports data and reduces entry errors.
  • Our automated QA program provides feedback ensuring outliers are immediately addressed.
  • All procedures and testing personnel are audited annually to verify strict adherence to SOPS as well as ensuring they are regularly updated.

Our Goal: To provide the highest quality and expedient analytical services, using our broad experience, expertise, training, equipment, and quality control programs. 

For more information or pricing, contact us at:
Phone: 1-888-660-9593 | Fax: 913-647-8540