MEH-WTI Program

Previously, only crude oil transported on Magellan’s Longhorn and BridgeTex pipelines has qualified for the MEH-WTI quality designation at Magellan's East Houston terminal and crude oil trading hub (MEH).  Subject to verification by Magellan that crude oil meets Magellan’s stringent quality standards, Magellan now offers a new customer option allowing Midland-quality West Texas Intermediate crude oil sourced from select third-party Permian Basin pipelines to access MEH and to be designated by Magellan as MEH-WTI.

To participate in the new MEH-WTI program, customers must enter into a written agreement with Magellan that provides procedures for verification that the customer’s crude oil has been delivered to Houston directly from the Permian Basin without blending and meets the following specifications:

MEH-WTI Program Quality Specifications

Parameter:   Units:
Required Test Method:
API Gravity  °API, 60°F
41.0  43.5 ASTM D5002
Total Sulfur Content  % (m/m)   0.20 ASTM D4294
Mercaptan Sulfur ppm Wt   75 UOP 163
RVP  psi   9.5 ASTM D6377
TVP psi   11 ASTM D6377
% (v/v)    0.3 ASTM D4007
Iron  mg/kg   10.0 ASTM D5708, Procedure B
Nickel and Vanadium mg/kg    3.0 ASTM D5708, Procedure B
High Temperature Simulated Distillation 
     20% °F
  265 ASTM D7169
     50%  °F
  525  ASTM D7169 
     FBP °F
  1,315 ASTM D7169
Total Oxygenates  ppm Wt   50 ASTM D7423*
Organic Chlorides mg/kg   1.0 ASTM D4929, Procedure B 
H2S Content in Liquid ppm Wt    <10 UOP 163
H2S Content in Vapor ppm Wt   <500 ASTM D5705M**

*Oxygenate testing to be performed on the < 400°F fractional cut.
 **At ambient temperature  

Magellan reserves the right to cancel or make changes to this program, including the quality specifications, at any time.

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