Moving What Moves America® is more than just our motto. It represents who we are and our mission to safely and reliably deliver petroleum products that are essential and beneficial to everyday life. To assure consumers can count on abundant energy supplies, Magellan moves the crude oil that is refined and processed into thousands of products and delivers the gasoline for daily commutes, the diesel fuel used to harvest our food, transport goods, and respond to emergencies, and the jet fuel to travel for work or relaxation with loved ones.  

Our vision statement further underscores our sustainable business approach as we continue to help meet our country's energy needs for decades to come.

"The foundations of our business, to be driven through an engaged and innovative workforce, are safe, reliable and efficient operations conducted in a responsible manner in combination with superior customer service. Upon these foundations, we will strive to maximize long-term economic value by providing essential fuels and related services to the communities and markets we serve in order to thrive today and in the future."

Sustainability is not new to Magellan. For more than two decades, we have focused on long-term, sustainable operations and disciplined management. Our approach to sustainability encompasses effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

ENVIRONMENTALWe work to minimize our environmental impact in the communities we serve. Our environmental stewardship actions include protecting the diverse ecosystems within the footprint of our operations, managing the use of our shared natural resources, and minimizing our waste generation and air emissions for a more sustainable future.

SOCIAL: Our most important social obligation is to safely and reliably deliver the fuels that our nation relies on each day. We promote continuous improvement and strive to maintain an accident-free, incident-free workplace where everyone returns home safely. We provide a supportive work environment for our employees, build collaborative relationships with safety and emergency response agencies, and contribute to stable economic growth to help our local communities thrive.

GOVERNANCE: Acting with integrity is the responsibility of each Board member, executive, and employee. As a public company, we are accountable for our reputation, business practices and performance, and strive to maintain public confidence and trust as we help to meet the energy demands of our country.

What we do

  • Own and operate the longest refined petroleum products pipeline system in the United States, with access to nearly 50% of the nation's refining capacity.
  • Transport crude oil from production areas to refineries and coastal export terminals.
  • Store and distribute crude oil and refined petroleum products for U.S. and international markets. 
  • Offer renewable fuels blending capabilities at the majority of our terminals

What we don’t do

  • As a midstream energy company, we do not drill wells for crude oil exploration and production, handle produced water or engage in hydraulic fracturing.
  • Our midstream operations do not result in a significant contribution to the direct production of greenhouse gas emissions, including methane.

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