Pipeline Awareness

24 Hour Emergency Number: 800-720-2417

Identifying Magellan’s Pipeline

Pipelines are marked by above-ground signs to indicate the approximate location, product carried and the name and contact information of the company that operates the pipeline. Pipelines are located in areas called a right-of-way (ROW). A ROW is a strip of land where, through a legal agreement, some property rights have been granted to Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. and its' affiliates. Right-of -ways are often recognizable as corridors that are clear of trees, buildings or other structures except for the pipeline markers. Examples of pipelines markers include:

ROW Encroachment

A ROW agreement enables Magellan to operate, inspect, repair, maintain or replace the pipeline. The ROW must always be kept free of buildings, shrubs, trees and other physical obstructions called encroachments. Landowners or residents should not plant trees or dig on or near the ROW without first making a One Call by dialing 811.

Encroachments on the pipeline ROW inhibit Magellan’s ability to:

  • Respond to a pipeline emergency
  • Eliminate third-party damage
  • Provide ROW surveillance
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Perform required federal and state inspections

Recognizing a Leak

Pipelines are generally underground and out of sight, but they’re not out of mind. Dispatchers watch operations around the clock with computers and satellites. Alarms and meters are designed to detect unusual changes in pressure or flow. By keeping a watchful eye, emergency systems can be activated quickly.

Although pipeline leaks are rare, knowing how to recognize and respond to a possible leak is a key component in pipeline safety. Trust your senses. You may recognize a pipeline leak by:

smell Smell: An unusual smell, petroleum odor, or gaseous odor will sometimes accompany a pipeline leak. 
 sound Sound: Volume can range from a quiet hissing to a loud roar, depending on the size of the leak.
sight Sight: Liquid pools, discolored or abnormally dry soil, continuous bubbling in wet or flooded areas, an oily sheen on water surfaces, and vaporous fogs or blowing dirt around a pipeline area can all be indicative of a pipeline leak. Dead or discolored plants in an otherwise healthy area of vegetation or frozen ground in warm weather are other possible signs. 

 dead_discolored vegetation      oily sheen on water
 Dead or discolored vegetation      Oily sheen on water