Testing and certification of gasoline products is available in accordance with ASTM D4814.

Method Test  Volume Required (ml)
D86(G) Gasoline Distillation °F
D130(50) Corrosion, Copper Strip - 3 hrs @ 50°C
D4052 API Gravity or Relative Density 50
D7463 Biological Contamination of Fuel (ATP)
D525 Oxidation Stability of Gasoline
D5453 Sulfur 10
D2699 Research Octane
D2700 Motor Octane
AKI Road Octane (R+M)/2 (Calculated)          -
D3231 Phosphorus 100
D3237 Trace Lead in Gasoline 100
D4814 (V/L Linear)  V/L Ratio (Linear) (Calculated) +test charges
D4814 (DI)
Driveability Index (Calculated) -
D8071 Oxygenates - VUV 50
D5191 Reid Vapor Pressure
D7671 Silver Corrosion 100
EPR Emissions Performance Reductions (Calculated) -
D5188 V/L Ratio Evacuated Chamber/Piston Method           50
BIO Bilogical Contamination of Fuel (Bacteria & Fungi) 500
D7687 Biological Contamination of Fuel (ATP by Filtration)
D7717 Blending 10% EtOH -
CARB CARB Predictive Model (Calculated) +test charges -
ColorV Color, Visual 1000
D2622 Sulfur (XRF) 25
D2624 Electrical Conductivity 100
D3227 Mercaptan Sulfur 200
D4176(2) Haze Rating, Procedure 2
D4176(1) Visual Inspection Procedure 1 1000
D5580 Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes 50
D8071 Aromatics - VUV 50
Water in Petroleum Coulmetric (Karl Fischer) 100
D6550 Olefin Content of Gasoline 50
D7039 Sulfur Determination by X-Ray Flourescence 25
Drag  Drag Reducer Polymer Content 100
Odor Odor 100
TM0172 TM 0172 NACE Corrosion 200
D7548 Determination of Accelerated Iron Corrosion in Petroleum Product 100

Magellan tests gasoline for numerous customers around the country, whether moving products through the terminal system, or for third-party verification purposes.

We can supplement your oversight or quality assurance program, with customized testing packages and a variety of sampling/shipping options.

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